By Chris Andrews

May 20, 2024

Water Storage With Water Bricks! Preppers Know Their Benefits, Do You?

Water is the essential cornerstone of any emergency preparedness plan. Recognizing the significance of being ready for unforeseen events, the focus here is turning towards a practical and space-efficient water storage solution. You might live in limited spaces like an apartment or a rental home where traditional options like 55-gallon drums are impractical. To tackle such constraints, a system has been devised for water storage with water bricks, offering a convenient and manageable way to secure your emergency water supply.

Each water brick is capable of holding up to 3.5 gallons of liquid, meaning that with a set of four, you begin with an essential 14 gallons of water storage. But versatility is at the heart of these water bricks; they not only store water but also food and other essentials, maximizing your storage space regardless of its size. With a focus on efficiency, these stackable units take up as little as 1.5 square feet, making them an ideal choice for small-scale storage without the need for a large storage area. The reliability of these water bricks is tested, ensuring they remain leak-proof, a crucial feature when it comes to preserving your water supply safely over time.

Key Takeaways

Introduces water brick as a manageable water storage solution for small spaces.

Highlights the dual-use functionality for storing both liquids and dry goods.

Emphasizes the leak-proof design that ensures safe, long-term water storage.

Essential Strategies for Water Reserves

Water is the cornerstone of any effective emergency preparedness plan. If you’re embarking on your preparedness journey and putting supplies together, you might be considering water storage solutions suitable for limited spaces, such as apartments. Traditional options like 55-gallon drums can be impractical—they’re bulky and almost impossible to move when full.  Couple this with approaching how to tackle the essential water needs of various situations then having a manageable solution is paramount.

Enter the game-changing solution: water storage with water bricks. This relatively compact unit can hold as much as 3.5 gallons of liquid. Imagine having that much water at your disposal, an invaluable stash in emergency situations!

Water Brick Benefits:

  • Portability: Each brick is easy to transport individually.
  • Flexibility: The bricks double as containers for food or other essentials such as rice, beans, sugar or pet food.

Configure your storage by allocating, for instance, two bricks for water and two for rice. They demand as little as 1.5 square feet, negating the need for expansive storage areas.

Efficient Design:

Each water brick features:

  • An innovative nesting design for easy stacking.
  • A convenient spigot top for dispensing water.
  • Durable handles for effortless carrying.
  • Six days’ worth of emergency water per person.

Let’s break down the straightforward setup process:

  1. Fill a brick with water, ensuring no leakage occurs.
  2. If using the spigot top, affix it securely and test the flow.
  3. When it’s time to store, stack your bricks and consider detaching the handles for greater stability.

Undoubtedly, the water brick system prioritizes ease of use and efficiency. Whether you choose to store water only or mix and match with food is entirely up to your preference and needs. But most importantly, you’ll be securing an essential part of your preparedness strategy without surrendering to space constraints.

Water Storage with Water Bricks for Water Preservation

For those invested in emergency preparedness, securing an adequate water supply stands paramount. It may be alarming to learn, yet it remains true: a significant number of people lack a comprehensive plan for crises. This gap in emergency readiness underscores the urgency for immediate action, particularly in water storage—the cornerstone of any preparedness strategy.

One of the most practical solutions for urban dwellers lies in the innovative use of modular water containers, often referred to as “water bricks.” These are advantageous for residents with spatial constraints, like apartment dwellers or renters, who may find the prospect of storing large, traditional 55-gallon drums impractical, if not impossible. Those who have attempted to reposition a full barrel understand the appeal of a more manageable alternative just like water storage with water bricks.

Imagine possessing a container, each capable of holding up to 3.5 gallons, easily movable due to its palatable weight. The math is simple: four such containers result in a 14-gallon reserve of critical water supply. But versatility doesn’t end with water; these bricks can also safeguard food, accommodating up to 112 pounds of different staples like rice or beans, with specific allocations:

  • Water: 112 pounds
  • Rice: 108 pounds
  • Beans: 112 pounds
  • Sugar: 104 pounds
  • Pet Food: 118 pounds

Feel at liberty to combine water with food storage within different bricks to suit your needs. The spatial footprint for this system is minimal, only requiring as little as 1.5 square feet. There’s no necessity for dedicated storage rooms or bulky sheds to ensure your supplies remain untainted.

In a dedicated secondary space, typically used for YouTube videos and surplus items, water will be secured effectively. These bricks have been tested thoroughly to ensure they are fully leak-proof—a crucial aspect where failure is not an option. The reassurance of their reliability is confirmed by personally filling and inspecting for leaks, which has shown a complete absence of leakage.

Each unit comes with a convenient carrying system, featuring interlocking handles that ensure a full container can be transported with ease, as opposed to the cumbersome heaving of larger barrels. The function of the containers is further complemented by a tap, allowing for hassle-free water access during emergencies.

In a hypothetical emergency situation, you would convert the conventional lid to one with a spigot, easily dispensing water into a vessel of your choice. The efficiency of this system is enhanced by the fact that each brick is designed to stack securely, minimizing the overall storage footprint.

The emergency water storage capacity provides six days’ worth of water, highlighting the system’s ingenuity. As a scalable solution, the bricks offer alternatives for both water and food storage, catering to personalized preparation needs. With a secure shut-off mechanism and no evidence of after-drip, the utility of these bricks becomes apparent.

By filling and arranging these bricks in a secondary storeroom, you ensure efficient space management and practical usability. It’s a method that has been adopted and is undergoing an extended functional test. In due course, further insights on their performance will be shared. This system of using water storage with water bricks not only exemplifies emergency preparedness but also satisfies the requirement for practical, space-conscious water storage solutions aimed at ensuring peace of mind.

managing water supplies

Explore Innovative Hydration Solutions

When considering emergency preparedness, prioritizing water storage is crucial. For those of you beginning your journey into self-sufficiency or even for the seasoned survival enthusiast, a compact and versatile solution awaits—introducing the innovative Water Bricks.

Versatility and Convenience

  • Holds 3.5 gallons each, equating to 14 gallons with a set of four.
  • Not limited to water; stores up to 108 pounds of rice, 112 pounds of beans, or 104 pounds of sugar.
  • Usable for pet food storage, holding 118 pounds.

Space Efficiency

  • Occupies a mere 1.5 square feet.
  • No need for large storage barrels that are difficult to maneuver.

Ease of Use

  • Lightweight and easily transportable units with handles.
  • Comes with a spigot top for effortless dispensing without leaks.


  • Thoughtfully designed to nest and stack securely.
  • Interior pillars for added strength, not compromising storage capacity.

Assembling these Water Bricks in your living space, even if it’s a compact apartment, enables six days of emergency water supply. Each brick’s design includes a handle for simplified movement, contrasting the challenge of repositioning cumbersome water containers.

Leak-proof Guarantee

  • Tested full of water with no evidence of leakage.

When disaster prompts an urgent need for water, replacing the standard cap with the spigot allows for quick access. Your readiness plan will evolve from just adequate to proficient with the simple integration of these Water Bricks.

Considering the adaptability to both food and water storage, these bricks enable a variety of configurations to suit your specific preparedness needs. Ready to enhance your survival storage system? The Water Bricks may be your next strategic acquisition in securing peace of mind within your urban sanctuary.

Versatile Solutions for Essential Supplies

Compact and Modular Water Supply

Storing a water supply efficiently in limited spaces, such as apartments or rented homes, can be challenging. Traditional methods like 55-gallon drums are impractical due to their size and weight. Instead, consider a space-saving alternative that offers flexibility; a brick-like container system, each brick capable of holding 3.5 gallons of liquid. Every 10 bricks is 35 gallons!

Ergonomic Design and Ease of Use

Storing your essentials shouldn’t be cumbersome. These containers boast an ergonomic design, featuring easily attachable handles for convenient transportation. The thoughtfully integrated spigot top offers a no-leak dispensing experience, ensuring a mess-free environment. Plus, with a simple twist, you’ll have access to your water supply.

Secure, Stackable, and Non-Intrusive

Security in storage also means peace of mind. The nesting system of these containers allows for stable stacking, minimizing the required area. Integrate them discreetly alongside your existing space; finding room won’t mean rearranging your life. Notably, these containers have been filled and tested for their reliability—a commitment to no-leak storage.

Readiness without Compromise

Considering that a 3.5-gallon water supply per brick provides approximately six days of emergency water, you’re initiating your preparedness with a solid foundation. Naturally, these containers are adaptable, so further customization of your essential goods is manageable. It’s about being prepared without sacrifice—efficient space utilization paired with practicality for your urban lifestyle.

Water Storage Solutions for Space-Constrained Lifestyles

When you’re starting your journey into emergency preparedness, prioritizing water storage is a smart move. The innovative “water brick” system can transform how you manage your water reserves, especially if space is at a premium in your urban dwelling or rented apartment. This modular system sidesteps the need for bulky containers.

Key Features of Water Bricks:

  • Each brick can hold 3.5 gallons of water.
  • One brick holds 6 days’ worth of water for one person.
  • These containers are also versatile — store up to 112 pounds of dry food items like rice or beans.
  • Bricks consume as little as 1.5 square feet, negating the need for large storage spaces.
  • A secure spigot attachment ensures easy, leak-free dispensing.

To incorporate these into your preparedness plan, use them for both consumables and hydration needs. Their design allows for stacking, minimizing their footprint.

Efficient Storage and Portability:

  • Easy to transport, each comes with a sturdy, removable handle.
  • The nesting design allows secure stacking, which is essential when floor space is tight.

Setting up is hassle-free. Once filled, there’s no need to fret over leaks — a common concern with larger, traditional water drums that are cumbersome to relocate. Consider these water bricks a practical, straightforward approach to maintaining a reliable emergency water supply, presenting a manageable six-day buffer for unexpected

Optimizing Water Storage Solutions

Carrying Capacity:
The provided carrier allows ease of transport, adding to the convenience of these bricks. After removing the top and attaching the handle, you will notice that the practicality of moving a full brick far surpasses that of a bulky, five-gallon jug.

To demonstrate the system’s functionality, I filled one brick with water, sealed it with the spigot top, and found no leakage even after an extended period. This straightforward design ensures you can access your water supply efficiently, without fear of spills or wasted resources.

The versatility of these bricks is also noteworthy. You can customize your storage to include a mix of water and dry goods according to your personal needs. This flexibility is beneficial for tailoring your preparations to specific scenarios.

Upon adopting this water storage system, I confidently allocated space for these bricks in my secondary storeroom. Their compact size enables placement in readily accessible locations, which is crucial in case of emergencies.

Remember, in an urgent situation, ensuring access to clean drinking water is paramount. Adopting a dependable water storage system like this not only saves space but provides peace of mind, knowing that you are prepared with a sustainable water supply.

Innovative Design: The stackable structure maximizes vertical space, while integrated features such as a spigot top and carrying handle enhance functionality—illustrating a thoughtful design tailored to your convenience.

Emergency Preparedness: Offering six days’ worth of emergency water per person, these bricks are a foundational element of any preparedness strategy, ensuring a reliable water supply during unforeseen circumstances.

Remember, regular inspection of your water storage is vital to maintain its integrity. By choosing water bricks, you commit to a dependable system that can evolve with your needs, ensuring peace of mind and practical utility in any crisis.

Durability and Portability Features:

  • Leak-proof Assurance: Thoroughly tested to ensure no water escapes.
  • Easy Transport: Each brick comes with a convenient handle for effortless mobility.
  • Stackable Construction: Designed to interlock for stable stacking in your designated storage area.

Efficiency in Fluid Access:

The system includes a spigot for efficient water dispensation. Transitioning from storing to using the water is simplified with this attachment, dispensing fluid without hassle while maintaining a sanitary supply.

To provide a practical demonstration, an actual test run with one of these containers filled to capacity showed no leakage, underscoring the system’s reliability. They can be manually carried quickly and securely, even when full—a clear advantage over maneuvering unwieldy larger drums.

It’s advantageous to start with the foundational four-brick arrangement, enabling six days of water for an emergency situation. This modular system can be expanded to suit your growing needs, ensuring you and your essentials remain protected no matter the circumstance. In preparation for the unknown, utilizing a water storage system that’s efficient, space-conscious, and trustworthy is a smart choice for the proactive urban prepper.

Final Thoughts and Possibilities

Water storage is a fundamental aspect of preparedness, often overlooked but crucial for sustained survival in unexpected situations. Urbanites, particularly those in apartments where space is a premium, face a unique challenge in storing enough water. Addressing this, let’s discuss a storage solution that seamlessly fits into smaller living spaces.

Compact Design and Capacity Info

  • Water Bricks: Each Water Brick can hold about 3.5 gallons.
  • Total Supply per Brick: 6 days of water (based on one person).

Versatile and Customizable

  • Multipurpose: Not confined to water; store rice (108 lbs), beans (112 lbs), sugar (104 lbs), or even pet food (118 lbs).
  • Configuration Options: Mix and match contents for a personalized setup.

Space Efficiency

  • Ensures minimal spatial footprint, taking up just 1.5 square feet.

Leak-Proof Quality Check

  • Verified: Filled and tested for any leakage, the bricks prove to be reliable in containing water securely.

Simplicity in Use

  • Spigot Attachment: Equipped for easy dispensing without hassle.
  • Carrying Handles: Engineered for easy transport, even when full.

In-Home Integration

  • Stacking Functionality: Designed for stacking, they integrate neatly into your existing space, keeping water accessible and inconspicuous.

Strategizing your emergency prep with this kind of system allows you to be efficiently prepared without compromising on living space. These Water Bricks can be the cornerstone to your hydration security, customizable to fit both your needs and your environment. Whether storing them by the door for quick access or tucking them away, the adaptability they offer assures that you can prioritize preparedness without disruption to your daily life.

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